Activities / Excursions

There are thousands of things that you can explore and experience in our paradise island. Here are some of it:

Dolphin Watching
Get an astonishing view of one of the gentlest creature of the sea. Might as well enjoy seeing the Dolphins swimming and spinning ahead and around of the yacht between the seacoasts of the Negros Island and Cebu. The exploration will even take you to an interesting view of the Tanon Strait on board the Pleasure Yacht P/Y Dolphina while enjoying your pica-pica and chilled drinks.. Enjoy 3 hours sailing.

Whale Shark Watching
Whales Shark Watching is an ultimate surreal experience that you would never forget although your lives. It is an adventure where you can share to your loved ones, colleagues and friends that you have face to face the giants. An impossible thing that made possible in the just matter of 1.5 hours travel from this beautiful resort  going to Oslob the habitation of the Whale Shark.

Kawasan Waterfalls Tour
Kawasan Waterfalls Tour is a twenty minutes car ride passing the through friendly town folk’s neighborhood and fifteen minutes walk along the picturesque view of the small running river and high trees hovering along the walkways, where you could sense the cod breeze and perceive the cascades of the falls ..

Island Hopping
Explore the bounty of the island through exciting excursions meant to create a new adventurous experience such as dolphin watching, island hopping, bay cruising, glass bottom boat riding, and snorkeling  Heritage town visits and extraordinary jungle picnics can also be arranged.

Coral GardenPicnic at the Coral Garden

Our Coral Garden, which is more or less a 15-minute ride from the resort, is not only a magnificent venue for snorkeling or driving.

It can also be a venue where you can enjoy and satisfy your culinary desires.

For more information, contact us here

Badian Bay Cruising
Cruise along Badian’s breathtaking waterfront and see the beauty of southern Cebu’s countryside. Experience the splendid beauty in exploring the Badian Bay, the Tanon  Straight, and the renowned diving area at Pescador Island. Enjoy an up-close acquaintance and relax exploration of nature, on board Pleasure Yacht P/Y Dolphina powered by two motor.

Barbecue by the Jungle by the Sea
Experience a one of a kind two-hour adventure. Its a tranquil private “Jungle” where our guests can enjoy the beautiful nature and relaxing atmosphere. Savor to delectable barbecue with the breathtaking view of the sea with entertainment. Swim and snorkel under pristine blue waters unravel to the colorful rich marine life.

Dry Finish SaunaThalasso Waterfalls and Pools
The Greek work “Thalassa” means power of the seawater for the good health. Uses the curative benefits of filtered and ionized seawater. Contains a comples blend of natural minerals and antivacterial properties, submersion promotes relaxation and is proven to re balance the body’s mineral deficiencies.

Yoga and Wellness Exercises

Experience a holistic approach to a better health and transform yourself into a new you. With a proven Yoga traditional style of Vinyasas exercises with proper breathing, flow into a blissful experience of Hatha Yoga which will not require overly exerting the body. Calm your mind and nerves with soothing meditation and harness that creative self and allow it to manifest its great potentials. More information about Yoga and Wellness Exercises here…

Badian Natural Spa VillageBadian Natural Spa Village
The spa village offers all the serenity of Asian beauty secrets combined with the mystery of old recipes from generation to generation of ancestors with a touch of modern trends in health, wellness beauty to experience the ultimate refuge for your body, mind and soul. More information about Badian Natural Spa Village here…

WaterSports Fun
Embark on fun aqua sports activities such as aqua cycling, kayaking, banana boat riding, jet skiing and hobby cat surfing. Beach games such as badminton and volleyball are also available to try out. See our facilities here. 

Conquer the enchanting world of marine life through explorative diving activities set at the heart of Badian Island and neighbouring world famous dive spots in Moalboal and Pescador Island. More about Diving in Badian, Cebu here…

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