Badian Island Wellness Resort: Holistic Well-Being Paradise and Healthy Lifestyle

In this era, the hectic lifestyle in the cities takes a toll on our health, mind and soul. As days go by, our body and our mind deteriorate through everyday stress, unhealthy habits and fast food, not knowing that being too hectic is already taking its toll in our lives. Would rather like to refresh yourself and rejuvenate? Strike a balance on your life, pack your bags and leave the city-life and head on to a peaceful tropical island life, right in the heart of the Philippine Islands.

Located in a small island off coast of Southwestern Cebu, Badian Island Wellness Resort offers an escape from the Macabre and hectic lifestyle of the big Cities by giving its guests the best of health and well-being and bringing back your senses in harmony with nature. Allow the tranquility of the island embrace your body and soul, far away from the daily grind.

Badian Island Wellness Resort Kayak Activity

With its personalized service, guests are treated with the best services that they woyld surely feel like they are finally home – showing the renowned “Filipino Hospitality” that they would surely cherish.

And with this, Badian Island Wellness Resort gives it signature of Holistic well-being concept that would surely soothe your nerves and liberate you from stresses.

The resort has one of the best rejuvenating centers in the country, with its Spa village and organic foods. From Asian spa, Thalasso, Seaweed and Wellness treatments, you’ll surely find your body and mind relaxed, with an exquisite view of the sea and the mountains.

Badian Island Wellness Resort Junior Suite

Badian Relaxation Suite

Along with the tranquility of nature, relaxation went a notch higher. You should experience the Four-Hand massage – the closest thing to heaven!

In Badian Island Wellness Resort, not only you’ll be treated with the best massages to rejuvenate you, but also to detoxify your body with healthy food, all fresh and no chemicals or preservatives, thanks to its very own organic farming and sourcing for local seafood.

Badian Island Bar

Badian Restaurant View

And when it comes to your home in the island, the resort has suites and villas that would surely make your stay in the island relaxed and stress-free, for you and your family

Take a glimpse of luxury and relaxation with the best pool villas in this side of the country. Water for the pools come from the sea and is ionized for that “soft and supple” bath that you will surely enjoy!

Badian Island Pool

There is more to experience at Badian Island Wellness Resort and it would invite you to experience holistic health and well-being and to be in harmony with nature. Now just start a wonderful journey.

Badian Island Wellness Resort’s Pride, Thalasso Pools with Bubble Beds

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