Christmas Celebration


Mabuhay! Come and Experience The Badian Lifestyle

Mabuhay! Welcome to Badian Island Resort and Spa where everyone greets you Mabuhay! , a Tagalog greeting for Long Live! How apt is it to signal great experiences and momentous bliss ahead when we take you into this merveilleux journey to one of Visayas’ most beautiful island – Badian Island. This information shows you the [...]

Badian Island Resort and Spa: Holistic Well-Being Paradise and Healthy Lifestyle

In this era, the hectic lifestyle in the cities takes a toll on our health, mind and soul. As days go by, our body and our mind deteriorate through everyday stress, unhealthy habits and fast food, not knowing that being too hectic is already taking its toll in our lives. Would rather like to refresh [...]

Badian Island, Cebu, Philippines
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