In the Badian Spa Village


Spa Village - Badian Resort and Spa

Badian Deluxe Four-hand Massage (75 min)
Our signature, decadent tandem massage performed by 2 therapists mirroring and  with synchronize movement, bringing you to a state of peace and divine relaxation.

Seaweed Massage (60 min)
Release Stress through detoxification making your skin feel soft and smooth.

Seaweed Bath - Badian Resort and Spa

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Massage (60 min)
Pure virgin coconut oil that will really penetrate your skin to keep the skin hydrated and balance.

Warm Seaweed Bath (30 min)
A warm extracted seaweed good for Relaxing Therapeutic and Mineralizing body bath perfect for nourishing and moisturizing.


Traditional Herbal Massage (90 min)
Is a combination of Badian Hilot and Island Paradise Massage associated with herbal pouch pounded in your body to help detoxify and relaxes muscles spasm and aches.
Badian Hilot (60 min)
Is a combination of a traditional Filipino Massage and Swedish massage manipulation with long strokes focusing on some areas of the body with imbalances. Manipulation is more on the back to normalize body function and helps to increase blood circulation.
And Paradise Massage (60 min)
A type of massage associated with stretching focusing on the legs to release muscle tensions and aches indicated for people with long travel and beneficial for water retention on the legs.


Ginger and Nut Scrub (30 min)
This scrub helps cell rejuvenation and rids the body of dead skin cells and toxins leaving your skin soft and supple.
Spa packages - Badian Resort and SpaCoffee Scrub (30 min)
An anti-cellulite treatment, to keep skin revitalized and firm.

Body Wrap (30 min)

Seaweed Body Wrap
An intensive, natural, and healthy way for toning and firming the skin, and keep the skin radiant and smooth.
Clay Rose Mask
For rejuvenation and rids the body of dead skin cells and toxins leaving your skin soft and supple.
Carrot Mask
Invigorates the senses as much as the skin.

Sunburn/Sunkissed Treatment (60 min)

Cucumber & Seaweed with Lavender Aromatherapy Body Mask
This is the perfect moisture body mask to go with holiday sunbathing. This treatment uses the calming and healing properties of Cucumber and Seaweed to hydrate the skin, leaving it fresh and cool. Blended with Lavender oil, this delightfully aromatic treatment will help to relax the mind as it heals the skin.


Guava Bath
A natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic fruit bath good for prevention and cure of various skin disorders.

Cleopatra Bath
A nutritious kind of bath using milk that will automatically loosens body’s impurities and will make your skin polish and soft.

Wellness Badehaus - Badian Resort and Spa

Aromatic Herbal Bath
Soak in traditional wooded tubs infused with aromatic herbs and spices, this kind of bath aims of easing muscular tension, joint complaints, or just for complete relaxation.

  • MI AMOR made from lavender, good for sensitive skin and also exotic and romantic.
  • SERENITY made from citrus fruits and flowers, good for balancing and blood circulation.
  • TRANQUILITY made from ylang ylang and eucalyptus is good for stress and jet lag.


Serenity Spa Packages - Badian Resort and SpaSeaweed Renewal Facial
Mineralizing and anti-aging Facial Treatment.

Pure Honey Lemon & Cucumber Facial
Cooling and toning and promotes new cell generation.


Spa-manicure (60 min)
A pampering hand treatment to beautify the hands and nails.
Spa Pedicure (60 min)
A foot treatment that removes hard, dry skin and beautifies the feat and nails.
Head and Back Massage (30 min)
A soothing head and back massage with essential oils helps to penetrate the blood stream and central nervous system to cleanse and balance the internal systems and energy centers of the body.

Head and Back Massage - Badian Resort and Spa


Pure Indulgence (180 min)
Lavender Body Wash
Body Scrub & Body Mask
Health & Beauty Bath
Badian Deluxe Four-Hand Massage
Refresher Facial
Beauty Bath and Body Scrub - Badian Resort and SpaTropical Island Delight (150 min)
Lavender Body Wash
Body Scrub & Body Mask
Health & Beauty Bath
Badian Deluxe Four Hand Massage
Four-Hand Massage - Badian Resort and SpaBadian Unique Discovery (120 min)
A double treat package composed of BADIAN HILOT Massage and Pure Honey Lemon & Cucumber Facial.
Harmony Badian Package (120 min)
A ritual composed of Badian Hilot Massage and a Lavender Body was perfect for rejuvenation and Relaxation.



Sauna - Badian Island Resort and SpaFinland Dry Sauna (60 min)
Cleanses the body and melts your stress through sweating.

Thalasso Waterfalls and Pools with Ionized Seawater (60 min)
The Greek work “Thalassa” means power of the seawater for the good health. Our Thalasso Pool uses the curative benefits of filtered seawater. It contains a complex blend of natural minerals and antibacterial properties, submersion in seawater promotes relaxation and is proven to re-balance the body’s mineral deficiencies.

Perfect Combination (120 min)
Thalasso Waterfalls and Pools with Seawater & Finland Dry Sauna.

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