Natural Spa Village

  • Badehaus Treatment Rooms
  • Thalasso Waterfalls and Pools using Ionized seawater
  • Finland Dry Sauna

Indulge in a rare kind of pampering in an exquisite natural setting. The outdoor spa and badehaus Pavilions provide a relaxing ambiance and offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and the Badian bay.

Choose from a variety massages, wellness and Thalasso treatments. We use only best natural ingredients and aromatic essential oils. The caring hands of our professional Spa Therapists could perform delicate pampering guaranteed to soothe your senses and do wonders for your entire being.


Badian Deluxe Four-Hand Massage (75 minutes)

Our signature, decadent tandem massage performed by 2 therapist mirroring each other and with synchronize movements and with equal pressure, bringing you to a state of peace and divine relaxation.

Warm Seaweed Bath (30 minutes)

Fresh Seaweed with high quality that comes from the Badian bay. It’s being cut into small pieces, blended and warm. Poured out into bath tub using ionized seawater. This kind of treatment is very good for mineralizing, anti-aging, nourishing and perfect for relaxation.

Natural Spa Treatment

Seaweed Massage (60 minutes)

Experience the power of pure seaweed gel to be massage on your face and body that will help to restore the lost minerals and leave your skin hydrated and smooth.

Badian Hilot(60 minutes)

Is a combination of a Traditional Filipino and Swedish Massage manipulation with long strokes focusing on some areas of the body with imbalances. Using dry pressed virgin coconut oil, this Massage focuses more on the back of the body which aims to normalize its function and to help increase blood circulation.

Traditional Herbal Massage (90 minutes)

Is a combination of Badian Hilot and Island Paradise Massage. Using fresh herbs from our organic garden loke sambong, ginger and guava leaves. The herbs are heated effective for muscle fatigue and spasm.

Island Paradise Massage (60 minutes)

A type of massage associated with stretching focusing on the legs to release muscle tensions and aches indicated for people with long travel and beneficial for water retention on the legs.


Pure Indulgence (180 minutes)

Experience full rejuvenation though Pure Indulgence rituals. Gently exfoliates skin to remove dead skin and impurities. Hydrates and moisturize for a younger looking skin. Also relaxes tired muscles and releases muscle tension through the equal pressure of a synchronized four-hand massage. Restores skin’s natural defenses though a relaxing natural facial.

Badian Unique Discovery (120 minutes)A double treat package composed of Badian Hilot Massage and Pure Honey Lemon & Cucumber Facial, best for individuals in search for contemporary health and beauty massage.

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