When you plan your holiday, the first thing that you need to take care of is a decent and comfortable place to stay. You need to pay attention to the type of rooms you want to book. Hotels generally have their rooms categorized based on the following factors:

  • The number of individuals willing to stay, which refers to the number of occupants.
  • The type of rooms available.
  • The décor
  • Bed types
  • Furnishings
  • Room size

These factors mark the quality and appearance of each room found in hotels. Generally, if you are sending for some business trip, the type of room given to you is different than a normal family room. Therefore, rooms in the hotel address the needs of customer requests and preferences. Since rooms differ with the type of hotel you prefer to live in, let’s check the most common types of rooms available at hotels.

Ten common rooms that you will easily come across in hotels:

There is a lot of differences between a five-star hotel room and a three-star hotel room. Even a hostel will have a specific room style as opposed to a homestay. Therefore, based on personal and professional preferences, different room styles are as follows:

  1. A single room

A single bedroom is to be found in all hotels. It is generally for one person only. Individuals traveling alone can stay in such a room. Most possibly, a separate bedroom can be added as well if the hotel can manage it for you. Generally, all facilities are available in single rooms and additional requests are entertained by the hotel staff.

  1. Double and triple bedroom

A double bedroom has two beds, while a triple bedroom has three beds. These rooms are typically used by couples as well as families. Honeymoon rooms in hotels also have double occupancy. The room sizes are practically bigger and more spacious.

Extra facilities and toiletries are also available based on the hotel you stay in. You can also opt for a double bedroom with a sea-view or a garden view as per the location of the hotel.

  1. Quad bedroom

A quad room consists of four beds and is generally made for families. Even friends taking a trip can stay in this room. The structure of a quad room can vary based on its spacious. While some hotels keep the beds attached to one another, other quad bedrooms can have the beds placed in different corners.

  1. Queen size and king size bedroom

A queen size room consists of a queen-sized bed; while a king-size room has a king-sized bed. Both of these rooms can be occupied by two or more people. These rooms are usually booked by couples or by families. Individuals traveling for business can book a queen or king-size suite for themselves.

  1. Twin rooms

Twin rooms generally consist of two twin beds. It is made for more than two individuals. It is quite comfortable to stay in twin rooms as there is more space and the amenities are top-notch. However, not all hotels have this facility available. You must clarify with the hotel before you book your stay.

  1. Super deluxe and deluxe bedrooms

If you are looking for luxury, then a deluxe room should be your ultimate choice. Almost all hotels, whether one-star or five stars have deluxe rooms. Such a room consists of a queen-size bed, with various extra amenities. The room is luxurious with a splendid view to watch out for.

Some hotels also have a special mini-fridge, availability of dryers, and even toiletries in deluxe rooms. Super deluxe rooms are more or less the same. But the amount of attention you receive from the staff is different. You will feel more comfortable in a super deluxe room if you are traveling for your honeymoon.

  1. Studio rooms

Studio rooms are now in fashion. If you are familiar with the concept of a studio apartment, then a studio room is more or less the same. Such a room resembles a small studio where the bed can be converted to a couch.

Studio rooms are created as space-saving initiatives. Travelers traveling alone or two individuals can easily stay in a studio room. However, the size of the studio room varies with the hotel you choose to stay in.

  1. Executive suite

The Executive Suite is a more luxurious room and consists of a separate living room, dining area, and bedroom. The washroom is typically larger than other rooms. Generally, clients coming over for business meetings or other special travelers choose to stay in executive rooms. Even these rooms are luxurious and come with complimentary amenities as well.

  1. Presidential suite

The Presidential Suite is an extra luxurious suite that is tailored to accommodate the most important individuals visiting a place. Generally, four-star and five-star hotels have presidential suites. The amenities in such a suite are top-notch, with extra facilities and a beautifully crafted living space. Sometimes, individuals residing in the Presidential suite receive personal assistants and complimentary Breakfast and dinner are also served.

  1. Connecting rooms

Connecting rooms are a new concept for most hotels. There are more than two rooms present on one floor, each connected through a hallway. Individuals can cross each room to enter their own room. Group travelers looking for some privacy can opt for these rooms and even stay connected together.

Why is it important to have so many different types of rooms in hotels?

Not every traveler can afford to spend excessively against a hotel room booking. Therefore, it is also important to have rooms that are within a budget. However, all rooms should address the element of comfort for the traveler. Compromising on cleanliness and other hygienic elements should not be discriminated against on the type of room you stay in.

Hence, in lieu of whatever room type, you choose to step into, hotels always take care of their customer requests and wish to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

10 Different Types Of Rooms Available At Hotels!

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