The hotel industry is a wide segment and it requires a lot of resources. The hotel industry is associated with hospitality. But it has changed its course over the years. Many hotels served their guests with accommodation and food. But the modern concept has a holistic approach to hospitality. Now, hotels are trying to provide all-around experience to their guests. Starting from the entrance, you will find welcome services. That will include free welcome drinks, luggage valet, lobby area to sit till your room is ready, and whatnot. So, there are many types of services in the hotel industry. And you come across most of them.

However, these services change from hotel to hotel. The services are based on star ratings and policies. Moreover, you may find some services that are only provided by a certain group of hotels or a brand. This is because the hotel industry is known for its service provided to the guests. This is a major USP of luring guests in coming back or recommend someone to stay there. However, it is not possible to classify services for each hotel. Therefore, hotel industry services are broadly classified into 5 categories. We will discuss these categories in brief in the following sections.

Food and beverage service at restaurants

Whenever you are looking at the types of services in the hotel industry, especially in the Food and beverage sector. The hospitality is profound in restaurants. The service involves the guests to enter and take a seat. The menu list is provided or is displayed. After a waiting time, a waiter/waitress will arrive at the table to take your order. Now, this has been further divided into 5 categories:

  • English service¬†

this is a gentleman service wherein the waiter brings the platter. And the host portions the food …

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