Whether you’re wanting to take a break from your studies or your work-life balance has been a bit lacking, or maybe you’re just wanting to see the world, many of us dream of travelling all over the globe. Exploring different cultures and meeting new people is an excellent way to expand your horizons and grow as a person, but especially these days, it can be difficult to spare the cash. With countless bills to pay and things to worry about, money can be tight. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to forget about your travel plans unless you miraculously win the lottery. There are tonnes of ways that you can save some money and travel the world in a way that wouldn’t be too impactful on your bank account. If you’re unsure as to how you would go about it, we’re here to help you out. Here are some ways you can see the world on a budget.

Planning is Everything

Hopefully someone has already told you this at some point in your life, but if they haven’t, that’s what we’re here for. One of the most important things you can do to save money on a trip is to plan ahead. Have you ever had to book a last minute flight or train journey and noticed that the price is almost double or maybe even triple what you had expected to pay? Well, that’s because companies understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, but unfortunately their understanding comes from capitalising on our misfortune and hiking up the prices to eye-watering levels.

One of the best ways you can avoid having to pay a crazy high last minute travel price is to plan your trip well enough in advance. It’s never to early to start planning your trip. …

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The world is changing at a rapid pace since the arrival of the pandemic. The world as a whole stopped working, now that everything is supposed to restart itself, nearly every industry is confused over what steps to take to meet with the requirements of said situation. One such industry that is going to suffer big time is the hospitality industry. Not many people will prefer to stay in a hotel if they have a choice otherwise. Even if some of them do, they will remain paranoid throughout their stay. So then, how do you successfully restart a hotel after the pandemic? What necessary steps must you take to ensure one hundred percent consumer trust? What conditions do you need to meet the COVID-19 requirements? You may have countless more questions in your head, but we are here to provide you with the top four tips to reopen your hotel after the pandemic successfully.

Why must you make changes, and what kind of changes must you go through?

After the arrival of the pandemic, the world will seek cleanliness in nearly every aspect of their lives. They need their homes clean, their offices clean, and the public spaces clean. Paranoia will run wild in the minds and the hearts of the consumers. If they find one piece of evidence that your hotel is not up to the standards, then they will refuse to stay. The business will decline, and you will start facing losses. As such, you not only need to maintain cleanliness but also ensure social distancing and touch-free technology surrounding your business, providing your customers that they are safe in every manner. Contactless operations need to initiate within the premise of your business. So, what rules do you need to follow? What changes will be best? Let’s find …

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Well, if you are planning to travel and visit resorts in the coming vacation, then this article is a must-read for you. you will get to know the most important things that you must know.

  1. Take a good amount of sunscreen

One of the most important things while you are going to a beach or a place that is exposed to the sun is sunscreen. Make sure you have a hefty amount of sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the sun.

People often ignore the need for sunscreen and while they’re out in the sun; their skin is prone to get their skin affected by harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun. This eventually gives them skin problems like acne, skin infections, severe sunburns, and tans. Make sure you don’t skip it, thus choose a good brand and buy the best sunscreen of at least 50 SPF.

  1. Know the best resorts according to your need

While you are going to a resort, the most important thing is to book a resort. Firstly, you need to decide where you have to go and further then, research about all the good resorts and hotels in that area. Consider your budget, your requirements, your privacy concerns, and the type of place you would want to live in. Not all the results are the same, they have categories according to which you may know them well. For example, a resort may have grounds, food restaurants, rooms, pools, amusement areas, bars, dance zones, etc. Thus, while you spend your money, try that you get worthy out of it.

  1. Don’t overlook the budget 

It has been observed that people initially do not consider their budget and later have to face problems of being in debt by their trips. You should be vigilant about how much …

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As the season for summer vacation approaches, people start planning for the best vacation that includes everything to make it a memorable experience. If you are on a tight budget this summer, plan for a resort staycation close to your home and turn it into a dream holiday with world-class spas, sparkling pools, amazing restaurants and outdoor activities at your disposal. It prevents unwanted travel time and distance to cover, and at the same time, it offers you the best travel experience. Below is the list of things that you must consider while planning for your next resort getaway and ensure to reap the maximum benefits of the things that your intended resort has to offer.

Planning for Excursions and Outdoor Activities

Even when you are on a staycation, you can create some lasting memories with your dear and loved ones by having one of a kind lifetime experience. You must always start your planning with outdoor activities and excursions as it adds excitement and fun to your staycation. Don’t need to over occupy yourself, include only selected activities that you can enjoy during your stay. Ensure to include the other aspects of your trip in the leisure time. In regards to outdoor activities, you have to choose wisely. It will help if you consider the limitations and interests of all members travelling with you. If you have kids in the group, plan for a trip accordingly. Most of the resorts offer a variety of outdoor activities for kids and family, including paddleboard, guided nature walks, bike rentals, kayak rentals at waterfront properties and more. Before you book your stay, check the resort’s website to know the minimum age requirements and ensure that the kids in the group are eligible for the activities.

There are also adventurous excursions that you …

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luxurious hotels, sun-kissed beaches, colourful fishes and reefs and crystal clear turquoise seawater, all these things make the Maldives a pleasant and most visited tourist destination. But, most of the tourists and honeymooners often make mistakes unknowingly during their trip, and as a result, they end up with overspending, leaving scars on their bank accounts. But, you are not to be blamed because the Maldives is the destination that is unique as compared to other destinations. So, it is common to make mistakes and overspend during your trip. There are certain travel tips to the Maldives that you have to keep in mind while planning your trip to avoid such mistakes and overspending.

Don’t Carry Alcohol in The Maldives

The Maldives is the tourist destination that is slightly dominated by the Muslim population. The only place where tourists can enjoy alcoholic drinks during their visit is at private resorts. So, it is suggested not to carry alcohol while entering the nation as there is a greater risk of being taken away, or the tourists must be penalized with heavy fines by the custom at the airport itself.

Choosing Airplane Rides Smartly 

Another important travel tip for first-time visitors to the Maldives is to choose domestic or regional flights from the Middle East as it is a viable and affordable option. Tourists must prefer booking flights to Male and then take a speedboat for the transportation between the islands to reach any particular island, and this way, they can save money. Tourists can also choose round trip seaplane, which is an expensive ride. The local flights are the cheapest option for local transfer.

You must always prefer booking tickets on the flights that land in the first half of the day so that you can take a boat transfer to the …

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The time has arrived when you can finally fulfil your wish to go Phuket that has been lying in your bucket list for long. If you are in the middle of preparing a perfect plan, you stumbled on the right place. This article is about the list of best resorts that you must check out to heighten your Phuket experience.

All these resorts are located in the finest beaches of Phuket and very close to the beach.

So here we go!

  1. Le Meredian Phuket Beach Resort

Location- Karon Beach

If you want a luxurious experience at a reasonable price, go nowhere else.  Arrange your stay at Le Meredian. It has its private beach that opens up to the vast blue ocean. The picturesque scene from the terrace and your private balcony is something that you’ll never forget. The outside of the resort has traditional Thai decor and the rooms have minimalistic decor. There are buffet breakfasts and beach barbeques where you can savor live seafood catch. La Fiamma is close by to satisfy your Italian food cravings. It has facilities for spa, aromatherapies, bar, the golf course at 15 Km and a lot more.

  1. Rennaissance Beach Resort

Location- Mai Khao Beach

One of the finest luxury beach resort in Mai Khao. The sophisticated style of the architecture, landscaping, and beautiful swimming pools will keep you hooked. Their hospitality beats any other resort in the area.  If the place itself doesn’t feel like therapy, they have all facilities for massage, facial, spa, body wraps, and so on. You can pamper yourself the way you want. Other than this, they have special gourmet cuisine along with multi-cuisine dishes. Indulge in a relaxing and luxurious experience here. If you are at Mai Khao, Rennaissance is where you stop.

  1. The Shore at Katathani

Location- …

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The coronavirus pandemic has stalled the world. There is not a single facet of life that is unaffected—all the industries are facing the heat barring few. Industries like hospitality, travel, and tourism were among the most affected. Their operation stopped utterly. For them to come out of it is most challenging. Even the more prominent brands are in trouble.  As the experts predict, that virus is going to stay with us for the time being.  Now the call is “live with the virus,” but it is easier said than done. Having said this, gradually, people are gaining confidence. Some industries are getting momentum.

And as far as the hospitality industry is concerned, now all the stakeholders want to get going. People are now willing to get back to work.  They are now less hesitant when it comes to travel. And with each day passing, we know this virus better. It is clear that if we take due precautions, we can protect ourselves. With this sentiment coming, the hospitality industry is also gaining confidence. They are all geared to operate in this new world, the new ecosystem. As the Hotel industry releases travel tips, the travelers are also excited to move with new normal.

The new safety guidelines

Recently American hotel and lodging association and similar other organizations around the world have released their safety guidelines.  The new protocols are designed in a way that they help all the stakeholders. The safety of hotel employees is as important as the guests’. These guidelines are extensive but practical.

  • Mandatory face cover:

All the guests and the hotel employees have to wear a face mask in all the indoor places mandatorily. And the physical distancing has to be followed in all the areas which are open for all.

  • Contactless transactions:

Limiting man …

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