Eating Abroad: The Most Food Obsessed Nations

Travelling is one of the most fun and exciting experiences that people have for a whole variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons why people love to travel abroad and visit new countries is because of the new cultures and the foods that are associated with those cultures. Every country has a different signature or iconic dish and trying out traditional cuisine whilst abroad is always delicious. The signature meal in the UK is fish and chip, in India it is curry and in the USA, it is a hamburger and chips. Although you can eat all of this food in any country, it is always made tastier in the country that it is tied to as they have perfected how to make it. Being a foodie is great fun when you travel as it leaves you being excited about every meal, foodies also get excited about things that we regular folk wouldn’t care about. Their kitchen is usually their favorite room in their house and they’ll be excited about everything from trying a new spice to make a meal tastier to getting one of these counter depth refrigerators at foodplusice as even kitchen appliances excite them. Foodies want to feel at home when they travel and so if you’re a foodie and you’re wanting to fit right in on your next holiday abroad then we’ve found the most food-obsessed nations for you to visit.


Thailand is one of the most food-obsessed nations in the world, in most countries when you greet a friend or acquaintance you usually greet them with a simple hello or a greeting like ‘how are you?’ or ‘how have you been?’. In Thailand, one of their most popular greetings translates to ‘have you eaten rice?’ the nation is so food-obsessed that food is spoken about in almost every country. The Thai aren’t fancy foodies though, they’re foodies who don’t want to wait around for a fancy meal to be prepared and fine dining is a massive no as the portions aren’t big enough, instead, they prefer large and cheap portions of food that can be bought on the street and eaten right then and there. So, if you’re wanting to go to a country where you can stop at 3 separate street food stalls in one street without anyone batting an eyelid, then Thailand is the perfect place for you.


Japan is another nation that is known for being obsessed with food, whilst it is not a common greeting like in Thailand, the Japanese do have a word in their language that translates to ‘eat until you drop’. If this alone doesn’t tell you just how much the Japanese love their food, then the fact that every day people queue up for hours on the street to get some of their favorite dishes from dishes like octopus balls to more standard dishes like ramen, but from their favorite ramen place queuing for hours is worth it. Not only is Japan filled with restaurants and takeaway shops that have queues out the door, but there are also whole city blocks in their major cities that are just dedicated to stores that exclusively sell kitchen appliances so you can make amazing dishes at home. These shops are some of the most profitable in Japan as they’re targeting the nation’s biggest shared interest – food.


France is known for its amazing food and many people visit for this reason alone. The French have 2 main types of food, they are known worldwide for their amazing bread and bakery products. Only a nation obsessed with food could make these as delicious as the French do, if you go to France as a foodie you’ll be delighted as there are bakeries everywhere, even inside most train stations so you’ll never be far from an amazing snack. France is also an amazing country for foodies to visit as they are very experimental with their food. You’ll likely be able to try dishes in France that you’ve never heard of and won’t find anywhere else, they try to use every part of animals that they eat including things like the stomach of veal and the legs of frogs.


Italy has one of the most popular worldwide cuisines and as a nation, they are proud of this, they’re very passionate about cooking so if you cook Italian food with an Italian then expect some heavy criticism. If you’re visiting Italy then you’re bound to have an amazing time from the food alone, they’re home to 3 of the most popular foods: pizza, pasta, and ice cream. As a foodie you’ll love it here, if you thought these dishes couldn’t get any better then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you visit Italy.

Eating Abroad: The Most Food Obsessed Nations

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