Golfing Around the Globe: The Best Courses To Visit

Whether you’re a seasoned professional with numerous trophies under your belt or somebody who has never even picked up a golf club before, then there is sure to be a golf course out there perfect for your skill level. The following list has a golf course for everyone, whether you’re looking for an island paradise, a challenging environment to improve your skills or a great place to get started.

Teeth of the Dog

Did you ever play Wii sports resort as a kid and wish you could visit the tropical island of golf courses in real life? Then the Teeth of the Dog golf course is perfect for you! Situated in the Dominican Republic, this golf course is based along the romantic coastline next to the beautiful ocean. It is ranked the number one golf course in the Caribbean. Even if you’re not a fan of golf, then this course is a perfect tropical getaway with enough history and natural beauty to lose yourself in.

Pine Valley

The Pine Valley golf course is the quintessential gold course. It has the most classical type of holes, although that does not mean that the course is by any means easy. As the name would suggest the course is situated within a beautiful pine forest, although there are some holes that incorporate classic river and dune obstacles as well. Its clubhouse is not as extravagant as other places, consisting of a great room and a bar. The course is over one-hundred years old and has been the course of choice for many professional golfers as well as celebrities. However, if you are a woman hoping to try out the course then unfortunately you would only be permitted to play on a Sunday afternoon.

The Aviary

Unlike the others previously mentioned on this list, the Aviary’s golf course is entirely indoors. It contains numerous golf simulators for those who are serious about improving their skills at a professional level, as well as courses for beginners. The use of indoor and virtual courses provides a unique challenge to even the most seasoned golfers. If you want to try something different then this is definitely the course for you in what could be the prevailing type of course of the future!

Cypress Point

Despite its name, Cypress Point is situated in the United States alongside the coast of California. It is well known for its dramatic holes that are set between the coastal dunes of the pacific oceans. It is currently ranked the number one golf course in the world. It is however one of the hardest golf clubs to gain access to, requiring a sponsor from another member to become part of the exclusive club.

Leeds Castle

This course is perfect for beginners so if you’re looking for a place to learn the sport then this could be the place for you! What makes this course unique is the fact that it is weaved around a real-life castle. The spectacular views of the castle mean that even when it is not your turn you will never be bored whilst on the course. As the name would suggest the course is set in Leeds in the United Kingdom.

St Andrews

The St Andrews golf course is the oldest in the world with records showing that the first game of golf to be played on the course was way back in 1552. It is known golfing community as the home of golf.  The course is the forbearer of all modern golfing courses today, standardizing the use of an eighteen-hole course. It is set in Scotland where James II of Scotland once banned the game of golf. In 1552 when Archbishop gave the people of St Andrews the right to play golf in the area. The Swilcan Bridge and Hell Bunker are some of the most well-known holes in the world. Unlike some of the other courses on this list, there is no need to pay for an expensive or sponsored membership to play here as is it proudly open to the public. So no matter what your skill level as you will be able to practice or hone your skills here.

Golfing Around the Globe: The Best Courses To Visit

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