Here Is The List Of Services While Looking At The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a wide segment and it requires a lot of resources. The hotel industry is associated with hospitality. But it has changed its course over the years. Many hotels served their guests with accommodation and food. But the modern concept has a holistic approach to hospitality. Now, hotels are trying to provide all-around experience to their guests. Starting from the entrance, you will find welcome services. That will include free welcome drinks, luggage valet, lobby area to sit till your room is ready, and whatnot. So, there are many types of services in the hotel industry. And you come across most of them.

However, these services change from hotel to hotel. The services are based on star ratings and policies. Moreover, you may find some services that are only provided by a certain group of hotels or a brand. This is because the hotel industry is known for its service provided to the guests. This is a major USP of luring guests in coming back or recommend someone to stay there. However, it is not possible to classify services for each hotel. Therefore, hotel industry services are broadly classified into 5 categories. We will discuss these categories in brief in the following sections.

Food and beverage service at restaurants

Whenever you are looking at the types of services in the hotel industry, especially in the Food and beverage sector. The hospitality is profound in restaurants. The service involves the guests to enter and take a seat. The menu list is provided or is displayed. After a waiting time, a waiter/waitress will arrive at the table to take your order. Now, this has been further divided into 5 categories:

  • English service 

this is a gentleman service wherein the waiter brings the platter. And the host portions the food after selecting it for the guests. The waiter then serves the food onto the guest plate. For replenishment, the guests may ask the waiter directly.

  • French service

it is a kind of self-serving service. The food is brought to the table by a waiter and the guest portions them. The plates are usually kept near the cuisine. It helps the guests to directly take the plate and serve food. It is popularly known as the self-help service but doesn’t mistake it for a buffet system.

  • Silver service

if you are looking for lavish dining, then this is it. Here, you are presented with silverware. It contains a scrumptious meal for Bon appetite. The food course ranges from starters to desserts including soup, main course as well.

  • Plate service

one of the most economical and time-saving service is the plate service. The food prepared will be equally packed into the plate along with accompaniments. All you need to do is open and eat. This is usually followed by banquets and cafes where fast service is expected.

  • Gueridon service

gueridon service allows the guests to have their food hot and ready. There is a gueridon trolley that has gas and burner. Food is kept on the burner so that it doesn’t cool off during the time guests enjoy their hot and delicious meal.

However, that’s not enough. There are other essential services like assisted service and single point services. These mainly cover for vending and takeaways. In addition to that, some restaurants also provide home-delivery services for convenience. If you are staying at the hotel, that is essentially known as room service.

Room services

Room services are generally offered by stay-in hotels. If you are moving to a new city for business or leisure, you need a place to stay. When you stay in a room, you have tons of requirements. This may be ordering food services to your room or cleaning, or ask for any essential item. All of these falls under room service.

Most of the hotel rooms will have an intercom connection. This intercom connects you to the lobby desk, room service, restaurant, bar, spa, and every other service that is offered by the hotel. You can ask for temporary slippers, clean linen, shower kit, order meal, schedule a body massage, etc. Moreover, some hotels also provide commute and transit services, especially on tourist spots. So, you can book a cab to visit nearby tourist attractions. While this is a special service offered by the hotel industry, it is counted separately.

Moreover, room service also holds the authority for your room upgrades. For instance, if you find any inconvenience, you can call the room service to fix it up. But some hotels have the policies to route room upgrades through the reception desk only.

Transit service

As we have already mentioned, transit or commute service is another package in the hotel industry. Most of the hotels provide services to and from the airport to the hotel premises. Some may charge extra whereas some include it into the package. If you are staying in a tourist spot, you may expect tour and travel services associated with the hotel itself. So, this is yet another type of service in the hotel industry. And it has been there for years adding value to customer stay.

Some hotels also provide ticketing services. So, you can book your flight/train tickets to any place within the country. And due to their tie-ups with the travel agency, you can find some great offers on your flight ticket booking. This can be in the form of discounts, or onboard meals, gift coupons, or merchandise.

Spa and recreational services

Many hotels have now upgraded their infrastructure. This has been incorporated to provide a holistic stay experience. The recreational centers may include table tennis or other indoor games, a conference room, swimming pool, spa, gymnasiums, outdoor games, business lounges, and others. These are the premium amenities provided by the hotels to add value to the guest’s stay. Some hotels also have a crèche. So, you can be relaxed if you are on a business trip to keep your toddler safe with the hotel staff.

Health and medical facilities

It has been directed by the federal government to at least have one medical officer on the premises for emergencies. The medical officer must do basic treatment and diagnose guests’ health until the ambulance arrives at the place. Apart from health, there are securities and every hotel must adhere to fire safety measures.

So, these are the services that you can find in the hotel industry. Furthermore, the hotel industry is changing drastically. So, you can expect some more addition of services in the near future.

Here Is The List Of Services While Looking At The Hotel Industry

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