What Are The Seven Types Of Rooms Available In A 5 Star Hotel?

The popularity of traveling has improved a lot in recent times because people have become aware of its benefits and positive effects. Not only their routine, but traveling makes your mind and body very stress-free and relaxed. For making your vacation comfortable and entertaining, it is important to plan everything before your trip. From your luggage to the place where you will stay during your trip should be selected beforehand only. This will give you a lot of time to enjoy the destination alone or with your loved ones.

Types of rooms

In the case of selecting a hotel, you should consider every little thing so that you get the comfort that you are looking for in a hotel. According to your expectations, there are different types of hotel rooms for the customers. Following are the seven types of rooms that you can expect in a 5 star hotel:

  • Single room

The most basic category that is available in every kind of hotel is the category depending on the size of the room. When a person is present in a place where they are alone, whether they are for work or traveling alone, they are likely to choose a room small as compared to a room chosen by a family with children. The room contains a single bed for the one person staying in it. There is not much space given to the room owner because it has been designed for the stay of a single person. In some of the hotels, the number of beds can be doubled on the demand of the customer. It is preferred by people who are planning for a short stay.

  • Twin room

Based on the number of beds available in the room, there are more kinds of rooms available for the customers. They can choose the space and bed according to their choice. When there is no room available for the customers who are looking for two different rooms, the hotel management has a solution to the problem. The problem lies with the sharing of a bed between two individuals who do not want to sleep on the same bed. They can choose a twin room which has a copy of everything present in the room. There are two beds with the same quality and style. There are different tables and chairs for the two individuals sharing the room.

  • Studio room

Even though it is a 5 star hotel, the customers can get rooms at a reasonable price. It is a well-known fact that hotels cost a lot and it is even more costly when it is a 5 star hotel. When there is a limit on the budget, it is very difficult to find a room to stay even for a night. If the number of beds is increased or decreased, it directly affects the price of the room. In this case, a studio can be chosen where two or three people can stay without affecting the number of beds. In a studio room, there is a studio bed available for the person staying there. The special thing about a studio bed is that it can turn into a bed or a couch.

  • Deluxe room

The most popular and demanding room in a hotel is a deluxe room where every essential amenity is provided. This is the first choice of many people because of its simplicity and the comfort level available in the room. In the case of the bed, the most comfortable and convenient bed is available for the people who are going to stay in it. A clean bathroom full of bathroom essentials like soap, shampoo, and lotion is available. Other essentials like a proper chair and table with a tea or coffee maker along with the items to prepare it is kept for the customers. It is convenient for a short staying period.

  • Room with a view

When you have chosen a famous traveling destination for your vacation, you can enjoy the place even by staying in a hotel. The expensive and 5 star hotels are located near the busy or populated area where the people staying can get the best view from their room. In the case of visiting a place near the mountains, you can get a room where the best mountain or valley view is seen in the room. When you have visited a place famous for the beaches and sunrise, you can get a room facing a beach which will be directly attached to the backside of the room. The customers might have to pay a little extra for getting a room with a view but it will be worth the money.

  • Suite

As everyone has become very busy with their life, it is very difficult to make a plan involving all the close relatives and friends. It happens very rarely that everyone gets on board and makes a plan to go on a trip and stay in a hotel. Not only during visiting different tourist places, but family members or friends also want to stay close to a hotel too. This is where the rooms known as suite comes in the equation and makes everything better. A suite is a very wide room where different bedrooms are available according to the number of families staying together. They are given a single room where they can sit and spend some time together.

  • Presidential Suite

People who put their comfort and luxury over the amount of money they spend in the hotel room choose a suite in most cases. In the category of the suites, the presidential suite is the most expensive and luxurious room available in every 5 star hotels. Along with the basic amenities, the quality of the suite is improved by the decoration and services provided to the room and the people staying in it. The size of the suite is very much.

During your vacation, the hotel plays a very major role. This is why it is important to know about the different kinds of rooms in a hotel so that you can choose the room that matches your budget and expectations.                                

What Are The Seven Types Of Rooms Available In A 5 Star Hotel?

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