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Backpacking: How to See The World on a Budget

Whether you’re wanting to take a break from your studies or your work-life balance has been a bit lacking, or maybe you’re just wanting to see the world, many of us dream of travelling all over the globe. Exploring different cultures and meeting new people is an excellent way to expand your horizons and grow as a person, but especially these days, it can be difficult to spare the cash. With countless bills to pay and things to worry about, money can be tight. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to forget about your travel plans unless you miraculously win the lottery. There are tonnes of ways that you can save some money and travel the world in a way that wouldn’t be too impactful on your bank account. If you’re unsure as to how you would go about it, we’re here to help you out. Here are some ways you can see the world on a budget.

Planning is Everything

Hopefully someone has already told you this at some point in your life, but if they haven’t, that’s what we’re here for. One of the most important things you can do to save money on a trip is to plan ahead. Have you ever had to book a last minute flight or train journey and noticed that the price is almost double or maybe even triple what you had expected to pay? Well, that’s because companies understand that sometimes life can be unpredictable, but unfortunately their understanding comes from capitalising on our misfortune and hiking up the prices to eye-watering levels.

One of the best ways you can avoid having to pay a crazy high last minute travel price is to plan your trip well enough in advance. It’s never to early to start planning your trip. If you’re wanting to start looking now, there are plenty of charter flights in Perth that will help you get exactly where you need to go at a fair price. Just make sure to buy your tickets well in advance and you’ll be sure to save a packet!

Where Should You Go?

If you’re maybe not as accustomed to travel you might not be sure where the best place to start off might be. If you’re looking to save money one of the best things you can do is to try and find a country or place that is less expensive to stay in. Many of the very popular tourist destinations tend to be very expensive because the country’s know that they’re always going to get a steady flow of tourists and can afford to charge more for things.

Get on your computer or on your phone and try and find places that aren’t as popular as tourist destinations. These places charge lower prices for things like food and drink and accommodation because they aren’t factoring in prices for tourists, instead they like to keep their prices low for their residents. Europe is a place that has a big price disparity when it comes to its holiday destinations. Places like Italy and France can be a lot more expensive then places like Budapest and Bulgaria.

As long as you choose somewhere that has a relatively English-friendly environment, you should be able to holiday very comfortably without the added pressure of not knowing the language. However, whilst most places in Europe for example speak English, it will definitely go over well with the locals if you at least attempt to try and speak their language. Before you travel try and learn a few key phrases that might get you out of a tight spot like, “where is the toilet?” and “do you speak English?”.

Getting Around Amsterdam: A Guide to Public Transport. 

Amsterdam is a very busy place so with that in mind it makes sense that you would be looking at ways that you can get around the busy region without spending a fortune, as there is so much to see investing in some form of transport for you and your family while you are there would be the best idea to ensure you have enough time in the day to get to all of the places you want to go to. There are many transport options available in Amsterdam so it is just a case of finding one that is most suitable for your plans.  


The buses in Amsterdam are very reliable, there is a strict and regular timetable of buses that works through the night to help you get to where you need to no matter what time of the day it is. The bus is also very affordable making it perfect for those of you that are traveling on a budget, and you can even buy passes for the period of your visit meaning that you have access to the buses for one fee rather than paying multiple times across the days of your trip.  


Another great public transport option that is available in Amsterdam is the tram service, running throughout the city with stops at multiple popular destinations. The trams are very useful if you are a tourist as they are much more affordable than renting a car. Much like the buses a pass can be bought for the duration of your trip so that you can access all of the trams on the main route and get to where you need to go with ease and with no delays as there is no traffic to deal with on the tracks.  

Bicycle Rentals  

If you are looking for affordable travel then it may be a good idea for you to rent bikes, a great bike rental company in Amsterdam can be found in pretty much every area of the city but I would recommend that you make a booking before you go as they are very popular with tourists. Renting a bike is a great way that you can cut costs on your trip as well as getting some fresh air and exercise while you get around the city. Bikes are very popular in Amsterdam so you can get around pretty easily with the convenience of the cycle roads. 

 Car Rentals  

If you have the money available you may want to make things easy and hire a car while you are away in Amsterdam, although the public transport links that they have are pretty well connected and reliable it may be easier for you if you had access to a car so that you can go to and from places as and when you please. There are some affordable rental places available so I would recommend doing some research into this before you go if it is something that you are interested in doing to help make your life easier.  


A final way that you can get around Amsterdam would be to simply walk, if you are looking to save money while you are away and cannot fit the cost of public transport into your budget then it may be the case that you have to properly plan your trip and where you’re going to go to make sure that it is all in walking distance. Amsterdam is a lovely city and if you have the weather on your side you really won’t feel that disadvantaged by having to walk around the place.  

Eating Abroad: The Most Food Obsessed Nations

Travelling is one of the most fun and exciting experiences that people have for a whole variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons why people love to travel abroad and visit new countries is because of the new cultures and the foods that are associated with those cultures. Every country has a different signature or iconic dish and trying out traditional cuisine whilst abroad is always delicious. The signature meal in the UK is fish and chip, in India it is curry and in the USA, it is a hamburger and chips. Although you can eat all of this food in any country, it is always made tastier in the country that it is tied to as they have perfected how to make it. Being a foodie is great fun when you travel as it leaves you being excited about every meal, foodies also get excited about things that we regular folk wouldn’t care about. Their kitchen is usually their favorite room in their house and they’ll be excited about everything from trying a new spice to make a meal tastier to getting one of these counter depth refrigerators at foodplusice as even kitchen appliances excite them. Foodies want to feel at home when they travel and so if you’re a foodie and you’re wanting to fit right in on your next holiday abroad then we’ve found the most food-obsessed nations for you to visit.


Thailand is one of the most food-obsessed nations in the world, in most countries when you greet a friend or acquaintance you usually greet them with a simple hello or a greeting like ‘how are you?’ or ‘how have you been?’. In Thailand, one of their most popular greetings translates to ‘have you eaten rice?’ the nation is so food-obsessed that food is spoken about in almost every country. The Thai aren’t fancy foodies though, they’re foodies who don’t want to wait around for a fancy meal to be prepared and fine dining is a massive no as the portions aren’t big enough, instead, they prefer large and cheap portions of food that can be bought on the street and eaten right then and there. So, if you’re wanting to go to a country where you can stop at 3 separate street food stalls in one street without anyone batting an eyelid, then Thailand is the perfect place for you.


Japan is another nation that is known for being obsessed with food, whilst it is not a common greeting like in Thailand, the Japanese do have a word in their language that translates to ‘eat until you drop’. If this alone doesn’t tell you just how much the Japanese love their food, then the fact that every day people queue up for hours on the street to get some of their favorite dishes from dishes like octopus balls to more standard dishes like ramen, but from their favorite ramen place queuing for hours is worth it. Not only is Japan filled with restaurants and takeaway shops that have queues out the door, but there are also whole city blocks in their major cities that are just dedicated to stores that exclusively sell kitchen appliances so you can make amazing dishes at home. These shops are some of the most profitable in Japan as they’re targeting the nation’s biggest shared interest – food.


France is known for its amazing food and many people visit for this reason alone. The French have 2 main types of food, they are known worldwide for their amazing bread and bakery products. Only a nation obsessed with food could make these as delicious as the French do, if you go to France as a foodie you’ll be delighted as there are bakeries everywhere, even inside most train stations so you’ll never be far from an amazing snack. France is also an amazing country for foodies to visit as they are very experimental with their food. You’ll likely be able to try dishes in France that you’ve never heard of and won’t find anywhere else, they try to use every part of animals that they eat including things like the stomach of veal and the legs of frogs.


Italy has one of the most popular worldwide cuisines and as a nation, they are proud of this, they’re very passionate about cooking so if you cook Italian food with an Italian then expect some heavy criticism. If you’re visiting Italy then you’re bound to have an amazing time from the food alone, they’re home to 3 of the most popular foods: pizza, pasta, and ice cream. As a foodie you’ll love it here, if you thought these dishes couldn’t get any better then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you visit Italy.

Where to Travel if You Want to Experience Cultural Fashion

If you have had the opportunity to travel the world it is likely that you will have noticed how certain regions have a definite influence on the fashion and style of the clothes that are worn. Fashion takes on many different influences and the culture of a region and the more traditional fashion choices are a great way to celebrate the culture and history of the location. If you are looking for the best places to travel to find unique cultural fashion then continue reading for the best locations. 


Milan is known for its high-end fashion and luxury shopping scene, pieces that are found in Milan are instantly recognizable as being native to the area and you will not be able to find anything like it anywhere else in the world both in terms of style and quality. The culture in Milan for those who are interested in fashion consists of high-end luxury pieces with a sleek style, if you are lucky enough to get to go to Milan I would highly recommend that you take the time to look at the many fashion designers in the area for inspiration.  




Like Milan when you think of fashion and the places in the world where fashion is important to people Paris would be one of the places that spring to mind. Paris is iconic for many reasons and the fashion that you can find in Paris is unique to the area with many designers visiting Paris very often as it is such a creative place where you can really step it up in terms of your fashion choices. Whether you are simply a fan of fashion or you are interested in starting your own line, Paris is a must-see for you.  



The UK

A location that you may be surprised to see on this list in terms of their cultural fashion would have to be the UK, although the fashion may not be as complex as what you would see in other countries the Uk and the regions within it tend to have their own fashion influences. Event’s like London fashion week are a great period for fashion in the UK where the individual style of many native designers can be shown for everyone see, although it may not be your first thought when you consider cultural fashion it is definitely one that you must see at some point in your life.  

Some recent developments in fashion in the UK include the new lines of streetwear and it seems that the general style is leaning towards a more urban theme. The recent release of Tom Ford’s bomber jacket men was particularly interesting with sales on the product reaching record highs.  




African culture is very interesting and you may be surprised to know how much it has influenced the fashion choices that are made in the region. It is very important that history is preserved and by including certain traditional tribal prints and colors in many African garments I feel that the culture is being celebrated regardless of what is in fashion or trending. If you see something with a traditional African design you should be able to recognize it as being from that part of the world as it is so unique, it is the opinion of many that fashion should tell a story and I believe that this is something that is implemented in African fashion in a way that is not comparable to anywhere else in the world. If you ever get the chance to go on a fashion trip to Africa I would urge you to do so for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Golfing Around the Globe: The Best Courses To Visit

Whether you’re a seasoned professional with numerous trophies under your belt or somebody who has never even picked up a golf club before, then there is sure to be a golf course out there perfect for your skill level. The following list has a golf course for everyone, whether you’re looking for an island paradise, a challenging environment to improve your skills or a great place to get started.

Teeth of the Dog

Did you ever play Wii sports resort as a kid and wish you could visit the tropical island of golf courses in real life? Then the Teeth of the Dog golf course is perfect for you! Situated in the Dominican Republic, this golf course is based along the romantic coastline next to the beautiful ocean. It is ranked the number one golf course in the Caribbean. Even if you’re not a fan of golf, then this course is a perfect tropical getaway with enough history and natural beauty to lose yourself in.

Pine Valley

The Pine Valley golf course is the quintessential gold course. It has the most classical type of holes, although that does not mean that the course is by any means easy. As the name would suggest the course is situated within a beautiful pine forest, although there are some holes that incorporate classic river and dune obstacles as well. Its clubhouse is not as extravagant as other places, consisting of a great room and a bar. The course is over one-hundred years old and has been the course of choice for many professional golfers as well as celebrities. However, if you are a woman hoping to try out the course then unfortunately you would only be permitted to play on a Sunday afternoon.

The Aviary

Unlike the others previously mentioned on this list, the Aviary’s golf course is entirely indoors. It contains numerous golf simulators for those who are serious about improving their skills at a professional level, as well as courses for beginners. The use of indoor and virtual courses provides a unique challenge to even the most seasoned golfers. If you want to try something different then this is definitely the course for you in what could be the prevailing type of course of the future!

Cypress Point

Despite its name, Cypress Point is situated in the United States alongside the coast of California. It is well known for its dramatic holes that are set between the coastal dunes of the pacific oceans. It is currently ranked the number one golf course in the world. It is however one of the hardest golf clubs to gain access to, requiring a sponsor from another member to become part of the exclusive club.

Leeds Castle

This course is perfect for beginners so if you’re looking for a place to learn the sport then this could be the place for you! What makes this course unique is the fact that it is weaved around a real-life castle. The spectacular views of the castle mean that even when it is not your turn you will never be bored whilst on the course. As the name would suggest the course is set in Leeds in the United Kingdom.

St Andrews

The St Andrews golf course is the oldest in the world with records showing that the first game of golf to be played on the course was way back in 1552. It is known golfing community as the home of golf.  The course is the forbearer of all modern golfing courses today, standardizing the use of an eighteen-hole course. It is set in Scotland where James II of Scotland once banned the game of golf. In 1552 when Archbishop gave the people of St Andrews the right to play golf in the area. The Swilcan Bridge and Hell Bunker are some of the most well-known holes in the world. Unlike some of the other courses on this list, there is no need to pay for an expensive or sponsored membership to play here as is it proudly open to the public. So no matter what your skill level as you will be able to practice or hone your skills here.

The Hottest Tourist Spots in Australia

Australia is a great tourist destination as it has a very unique way of life and the things that can be seen in Australia cannot be found elsewhere, millions of tourists travel to this amazing place every year and with there being so much on offer in terms of tourist attractions and things to do I’m sure that a visit to Australia will not be a disappointing experience. If you are planning on going on holiday to Australia in the near future then there are some tourist spots that you simply cannot miss out on.


Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of Australia’s most recognizable tourist spots with its iconic architectural design and prestige within the entertainment community. The Sydney Opera house is a must-visit attraction in Australia with over forty shows a week there is bound to be something for you and your loved ones to enjoy. There is an onsite restaurant and bar so you can enjoy a few refreshments before the big show, this location has a lot of history and for any fans of opera or live performances, you should prepare to see one of the best shows of your life.  If you are looking for romantic date ideas in Sydney then opera house would be an excellent choice, with live entertainment and fine dining experience packages being offered for a more reasonable price point.


Great Barrier Reef

For those of you that are a little more adventurous or if you are someone who is interested in watersports and aquatic wildlife then the great Barrier Reef should be very high on your itinerary. The clear blue waters and the exotic marine animals and plants that can be seen here is truly mesmerizing, the reef is pretty well known for their abundance of turtles and other sea creatures, however, you should be mindful of the time that you visit as there could be limitations in place if you go during turtle hatching season. As the turtles are a protected species some areas will be off-limits for diving but you could be lucky enough to see the baby turtles hatch and make their way into the ocean.

Bondi Beach

The final attraction that is definitely worth a visit would have to be Bondi Beach, with miles and miles of pure white sand and vast blue oceans this serene location is very popular with tourists. If you can imagine a perfect beach then I guarantee that the picture in your head matches up with the scenery at Bondi Beach, with many activities available on-site there should be something for all the family here and if you are someone who prefers to relax on the beach then this would have to be the perfect place to do that also.

The Outback

The outback is a baron wasteland with a lot of history in Australia, it is a common misconception that visiting this interesting location is very dangerous when in fact with the proper preparation and professional guidance you can enjoy this place with peace of mind that you are safe. The outback is pretty much uninhabited but its iconic vast desert and giant red rock mountains are definitely worth the trip. It is important to remember that you will have to bring plenty of water, make sure that your vehicle has plenty of fuel, and if you are uncertain of anything I would recommend that you seek professional guidance to address any of your concerns. There are also many Outback tours available so you can visit this place without worrying about having to fend for yourself.


Travel Blogging: The Complete Guide to Documenting your Journey

If you are a keen traveler then you will understand the difficulty of trying to make sure that you stay in the zone and enjoy yourself whilst taking plenty of pictures and making notes to document your amazing trip. For someone who travels often it would be a good idea to look at ways that you can document your journey whilst ensuring you are not distracted, there are many ways to do this and as you travel more you will find that you become very used to it and that your methods of documentation are implemented into your travel routine smoothly.



The best thing about traveling is the fact that you are able to see so many amazing things and tourist attractions, a camera would be a great item to bring with you so that you can capture the special moments on your trip as well as being able to post your photo on your blog for all of your followers to see and envy over. There are many great cameras out there but don’t forget that if you find yourself without a camera in a moment you wish to capture then you can always use your phone. The important thing is that you have the means to capture any special moments on your trip as you don’t know when or if you will ever get the chance to return. For any travel blogger, it is always the pictures that people want to see from your trips, so if you want blogging success then I would highly recommend that you make sure to take high-quality photographs to be used on your blogging platform.



Writing a journal is great especially for those trips that are over a few weeks long, as it can be hard to put everything that you did together in the right order. For any bloggers out there you may wish to give your readers a detailed account of what you got up to on your travels so having a journal detailing this would be a very useful tool to have. Writing a journal like this also makes for a great souvenir that you can look back on in the future and reminisce about your amazing trip away. By simply packing a small pen and notebook and slipping it into your day bag as you visit different places you can take a minute here and there when you find yourself with spare time to jot down some notes about the things you have seen, I’m sure that you will thank yourself for doing this in the future.



Creating scrapbook pages make for a great keepsake to celebrate the amazing adventures you have been on as well as adding flair to your blog if you choose to upload them. It seems that this sort of rustic style and aesthetic is being used all over the travel blogging world, with many well-known faces putting together physical scrapbooks featuring things from their holiday and scanning and uploading them to their blogs. This is a very unique way of creating blogging content but it is definitely an interesting approach that is going to make your travels stand out from other bloggers on the internet. Not to mention that much like creating a small journal, creating a scrapbook is a great way to preserve the memory of your travel journeys.


Updating Your Blog

Although your blog may not be the first thought in your head whilst you are away traveling but if you wish to become successful in this industry then you must keep your fans on your side by making sure to give them content whilst you are away. It is important to retain that connection so even by posting a few pictures or a quick video to check in with your followers then at least you are showing that you are making the effort. It has been seen on many occasions where bloggers leave their viewers without content and they have seen a decline in popularity. Bear this in mind when it comes to your own blog and maybe think about preparing some posts in advance so that you can maintain a strong relationship with your fans, if you see that your fans are unfollowing you then you can maintain the numbers by looking at ways to instagram follower kaufen.


Putting Together High-Quality Content

If you are worried about how you should create your travel content then I would consider making a change to the way that you do things. Your content should be fun and positive and packed with videos and photographs showing off the amazing places that you have visited, it is important to remember that the purpose of travel blogging is to show different parts of the world so as long as you stick to this you should be very successful.

Staying in a Hostel: The Travelers Guide to Navigating Hostel Living

Traveling on the cheap often means staying in hostels. This can be great if you’re a social bug, love getting to know strangers, are bursting to share your travel experiences, and adore making international friends. Staying in hostels comes with its own rule book, though. From navigating the social lounge, getting on with other lodgers, and feeling comfortable in staying in different places; staying in hostels isn’t always easy-peasy. So, below, I’ll give you some of the best tips for ice breaker questions, making friends, navigating shared facilities, and making your stays in hostels as comfy as can be. Let’s get stuck in!


Ice Breaker Questions

If you’re the social type, which is a given if you’re a hostel-style traveler, you’ll need some good conversation starters and ice breaker questions to open those doors to friendship.

Of course, there are always the basic questions travelers get asked: where have you just been? Where are you going next? Where are you from? Those questions, as a traveler, are the ones you’ll constantly be asked. But, the best questions to ask when you’re staying in a hostel, are fewer questions and are more like statements.

After initial introductions and basic questions are done, if they seem to be happy to talk, try this to get the conversation going. To really get someone drawn into a conversation, first, share a small story about your recent experiences while traveling – did something funny happen to you while you were trekking? Do you have an embarrassing story from the last hostel you stayed in? Maybe there’s something you’re a little confused about, could you ask for their advice on the topic?

There’s nothing like opening up to someone else to get them engaged in a conversation. Seriously, try it!


Making friends

You can meet some of the best people on your travels, and making life-long friends, or even friends for that moment, is all part of the traveling experience. To really help solidify some of those connections you’ve made, try spending time with some of the people you’ve met:

  • Are they staying in the area for some of the time you are? Could your group together and do some sight-seeing?
  • Are you traveling in the same direction for a while? Could you travel together?
  • Is there a local bar or restaurant you could all visit together?
  • There are so many things you can do to make the memory of, that ‘person-you-met-at-a-hostel’, too, that ‘friend-you-made-while-traveling’.


Alone Time

While it’s great to get to know people, it’s also very important to protect your personal time. Staying in communal and share accommodation can get tiring after a while, so it’s important to also find some space for yourself, too

Bringing a new or favorite book can be a great way to wind down and make some personal time for yourself. Sometimes traveling can get a little stressful, or homesickness can kick in; reading is a great way to escape from the escape, and recuperate. Going for a walk in the evening around the local area of your hostel is also a great way to take a break from the space of the hostel.

Alone time can be sobering, and might just be what was needed after all that social time.



Hygiene while traveling is very important, and is even more so when staying in hostels. Here are some quick tips for hostel hygiene:


When you’re using communal showering spaces, it’s integral that you wear flip-flops to protect yourself. This can stop you from getting foot infections such as verrucas and fungal infections.

Collapsible caddy

Keeping your hygiene products off the shower floors and bathroom surfaces also protects you from any germs that are around. Having a collapsible caddy lets you do this.

Toothbrush case

A toothbrush case is so, so important. Not only does this keep your toothbrush clean while it’s packed in your bag, but it also means you’re not putting your toothbrush on any unclean surfaces and then putting it into your mouth.

There you have it! Travelling can be a great and fun experience, and now you’re a little more prepared for hostel living than you were before.